6-month private leadership coaching for emerging female trailblazers

Are you sabotaging your leadership opportunities because you lack confidence in your leadership style? (It’s a tall ask for others to be confident in you if you’re not, right?)

Does your team expect you echo their last boss or manager’s leadership approach, even though the mood when they walked into the room, let alone their results – was diabolical?

Or are you ‘feeling your way’ as a new leader, but you know that you and your team have the potential to achieve something truly remarkable?

If you:

  • Are in a new leadership position and want to create a strong leadership identity
  • In an existing leadership role and struggling to build rapport with your team
  • Want to eliminate poor results by being the leader your team respects, likes, and trusts
  • Are fed up with putting out fires caused by miscommunication
  • Need leadership skills that make periods of rapid change wildly successful
  • Are ready to know, embrace, and celebrate who you are as a leader

Elevate has been carefully developed to help you – a new or emerging female leader – accelerate your professional and personal growth, help your team flourish, and create a leadership style that’s unmistakably YOU.

Being a leader while remaining unapologetically YOU is where the magic happens.

Alex Shea

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  • Six private, one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions
  • Six accountability check-ins between sessions
  • One 90-minute Zoom debrief to unpack your behavioural profile to identify strengths, motivators and challenge areas
  • Elevate workbook for each session to cement learning, keep you on track, and accelerate results

PLUS, receive a 20+ page report of your in-depth eDISC Profile– one of the top five psychometric tools used by over 80 countries valued at AUD$900 - that reveals:

  • Your personal DISC profile and key behavioural styles
  • How your natural (unconscious) leadership style and your adjusted (conscious) leadership style work together
  • Aspects of leadership that come naturally, and those that you can choose to refine
  • If you’re a Thinking, Feeling, Sensing or Intuitive leader
  • How others perceive your communication and decision making
  • What slows or sparks your motivation
  • What creates stress for you, your response to it, and how you release it
  • How to expand your success at work
  • And more…
Elevate won’t just improve your team’s productivity, profitability, communication or morale. It’ll give you the professional and personal development – plus the recognition – that you deserve.

Alex Shea


I’ve dedicated years to studying personal development, oppression, gender inequality, and epigenetics.

I’m a qualified Practitioner of multiple brain integration techniques, timeline therapy, paediatric hypnosis, extended DISC (Level 2), and I’m a Master Practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, matrix therapies, and conscious hypnosis.

I’ve studied leadership coaching, project management, and change management, and completed countless leadership programs and training during my 20-year corporate career.

I know how patriarchy, sexism, and social conditioning had taught us to accept a culture that objectifies and devalues women, our accomplishments, and perpetuates our mindset of ‘not enough.’

And I know from experience how a toxic work culture with long hours, oppression, and gender inequalities, can quash a businesses’ chance of success, our opportunity to create meaningful work, and our happiness.

When we change what’s on offer for high-calibre female leaders, we’ll change the narrative for all women, worldwide.

Alex Shea


  • Build your resilience and thrive in challenging business environments
  • Increase your team’s cohesiveness, productivity, and happiness
  • Discover what you’re like to be around as a leader
  • Learn expert communication techniques – including the 3 Levels of Workplace Language – to help you build trust and rapport
  • Supercharge your motivation – even on days that feel impossible
  • Learn why challenging team members might be the perfect people with the wrong tasks
  • Be a rock star leader while staying true to your values and beliefs
  • Learn how to use the Human Behaviour Model to influence workplace behaviour positively
  • Articulate your business’s vision with mic-dropping swagger and get everyone on your team cheering for the same cause
  • Trust that you CAN think and perform with ninja-like reflexes under pressure
  • Crush self-doubt to confidently and consistently deliver exceptional results
  • Signs you’re already a leader in more ways than you realise – and how to build on that list
  • And more

What Client's Are Saying

  • Camilla Bullock

    Alex created an ‘oasis’ for me

    I was challenged and stretched in my professional life (which spilled over to my personal life). I felt that I had bitten off more than I could chew and that I was drowning in demands and tasks… Alex created an “oasis’ for me to visit weekly. She helped me to get to slow down to get to know my own thought process and to realise that I every day was making choices and how to own those choices and make them work for me. I always walked away from our sessions with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. ­
    Camilla Bullock

ELEVATE is now open for private leadership coaching for selected applicants

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