Inner Circle

Group membership for key women of influence

On the one hand:

  • You’ve worked incredibly hard for most of your life
  • Your business is wildly successful
  • You’ve earned a stack of money (go you!)
  • You’ve become influential in business and social circles
  • You’re intensely bright and love a challenge
  • You’ve accomplished most of the goals you’ve set for yourself

But on the flipside:  

  • Your love life is MIA
  • You still feel like there’s something ‘more’ waiting for you
  • Your kids don’t speak to you as often as you’d like
  • You’ve learnt to dial down your spark to make others feel more comfortable
  • You’re still seeking love and approval from your parents
  • You struggle to ask for help from your partner, friends, or colleagues

But the hardest part? Finding others who can relate – and who you can trust – to help navigate these challenges.

Inner Circle is a safe, supportive, online space where a selected community of high-performing, influential women do the deep work to reach the next level in their career, business, and life. (Feel free to leave perfectionism, self-criticism, social conditioning, and groundhog days at the door!)

Apply to join Inner Circle – launching August 2020

Membership limited to 30 influential women ready to take things to the next level

Being a key person of influence in your organisation or industry is one thing. Being surrounded by other like-minded women is what I’d call next level.


  • A surprise welcome gift delivered to your doorstep – value $295
  • Monthly Next Level workbooks sent to your door – value $395
  • Monthly live webinars on topics to get you to the next level – value $595
  • Monthly live Q&A calls where I’ll answer all your burning questions and help you put your new knowledge into action – value $995
  • Access to a high-calibre professional community in our private Facebook group – value $400
  • Access each month one of my online signature courses on topics such as leadership, emotional intelligence, and money mindset – value $2000 each

PLUS, as one of The Changeroom’s Inner Circle members you’ll receive exclusive access to:

  • Yearly Live Event – a one-day live event where you’ll meet, learn, and grow with Inner Circle members – value $2000, but a priceless experience!

Total value more than $10,000

Your investment? Just $697 per month

You’re not the same person you were 1, 2, or 5 years ago. That’s why strategies that worked to overcome professional, mental or emotional roadblocks in the past mightn’t be enough to tackle the challenges you’re facing today.

If you’re struggling to GET WHAT YOU WANT and it’s becoming increasingly clear that something is missing from your life – despite the success you’ve already enjoyed – join this remarkable, change-making community today.


  • Stepping away from your laptop and diving into your Next Level workbooks with a coffee, turmeric latte, or glass of Zinfandel!
  • Having the safety, practical advice, professional support, and troubleshooting that comes with having me in your corner each month
  • Sharing your progress and celebrating your transformation with a progressive, productive, supportive, and judgement-free Facebook community
  • Accessing complimentary courses each month (for as long as you’re a member) with all the professional development training, tools, and strategies you need to live your best life
  • Actioning powerful steps and strategies with other members at our live event to help you create time, money, energy and develop profound new relationships
Look at the success you’ve already created in your business or career. Now multiply that by the motivational power of 30 remarkable women.

Applications for Inner Circle close soon. Don’t miss out – in the interest of achieving remarkable, life-changing results, this community will is limited to just 30 members.

You can apply by booking a call with me below:

Apply to join Inner Circle – launching August 2020

Membership limited to 30 influential women ready to take things to the next level